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  Chronic Disease Impact on Productivity  
Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, mental disorders, pulmonary conditions, and  stroke
Source: The Milken Institute
During 2005, the US spent almost $2 trillion on health care: for every dollar spent, .75 cents went towards treating chronic disease.
The vast majority of cases of chronic disease could be prevented or managed

80% of heart disease and stroke


80% of type 2 diabetes


40% of cancer

Prevention by four ways:

Stop tobacco use


Eat a healthy diet


Be physically active


Maintain a healthy weight

  Those who followed all four lifestyle factors had a 78% lower risk of developing a chronic disease than those with no healthy factors. The decreased risk of an individual disease associated with keeping all four lifestyle factors were:  

93% lower risk of diabetes


81% lower risk of having an Myocardial Infarction (MI)


50% lower risk of stroke


36% lower risk of cancer

  Ford et al (2009). Healthy living is the best revenge: Findings from the European Prospective investigation into Cancer and Nutrition – Potsdam Study. Arch Intern Med 169(15) 1355-62.  

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