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  With Our Seated Chair Massage Therapy Services  
Wellness Solutions at Work is proud to now offer its clients onsite chair massage therapy services!   After all, it’s no secret that the healthier and happier an employee, the more productive he or she will be.
WSW feels this is an integral part of the preventive and rehabilitative aspects of a successful wellness program.  Massage has been shown to reduce workers’ compensation claims, reduce absence and tardiness, increased productivity, and increase employee morale.
Benefits of Seated Chair Massage
Massage improves flexibility, increases circulation, enhances self-esteem, and relieves tired, sore, aching muscles.  It addresses the three most common causes of absenteeism: headache, chronic pain, and hypertension.  It can enhance the immune system and creates an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.

  Seated Chair Massage is also a great success in the workplace for the following reasons:  

The recipient is fully dressed during the massage session.


No oils or lotions are used.


Minimal space is required.


It addresses common stressors and problems within the muscles.


Privacy is not necessary.


It takes less time than full-body massage, usually about 10-20 minutes


It focuses on the neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, and hands.


It is cost-effective – only $1 per minute!


Wellness Solutions at Work Inc. is proud to be compliant with industry guidelines and offers certifications in the following group fitness organizations.



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