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  Personal Training Services  
  Wellness Solutions at Work, Inc. Wellness Coaching provides a multitude of services which include:  

1. Fitness Consultations

Description: Our 15 minute Fitness Consultations are to provide the individual with solutions to their health related goals and dreams.  You will sit down with a Wellness Coach and together pin point how we can help you develop the roadmap to your success.


2. Fitness Orientations

Description: Wellness Coaching Fitness Orientations (F.O.) are designed based on the individuals’ goals and needs.  Our Wellness Coach will take you through the exercise prescription with an education based approach that will leave you feeling as if you learned the routine and can teach it to someone else.


3. Fitness Assessments

Description: Fitness Assessments (F.A.) will assess the individual based on his or her goals.  We will take you through the assessment that will measure whatever it is that you choose.  The assessments range from strength testing to cardiovascular testing and will give the Wellness Coach a firm idea of how to develop your individualized prescription.


4. One-on-one training

Description: Our one-on-one training approach has been designed to give you the most benefit from a Wellness Coach.  You will be continuously motivated and pushed to your limit with in reason.  Benefits of working one-on-one are as follows: personal interaction, increased exercise adherence, and individualized attention.


5. Two-on-one, three-one-one or more!

Description: Our multiple individual training sessions provide the clients with not only a discounted price but allow a buddy or two to join the fun!  Having a friend join you in the pursuit of good health can increase exercise adherence, create more fun within the routine, and keep a higher level of motivation.


6. Special packages

Description:  Our Wellness Coaches create and develop special packages depending on what is going on in the world.  Our Steelers training package is to make you feel like the athletes their selves, women on weights was developed to introduce the subject of weight training to females who may think that resistance training can make them “bulky”, and our golfing special was developed for the dedicated golfer who wants to improve his/her game.  Try one today!


Wellness Solutions at Work Inc. is proud to be compliant with industry guidelines and offers certifications in the following group fitness organizations.



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