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  Wellness Solutions at Work Inc. Testimonials  
  “I have found the Wellness Solutions at Work team to be a highly proactive team of high energy professionals who are truly committed to the NEW Start objectives of Westinghouse and the well being of Westinghouse employees.  The team's partnership with the NEW Start healthy dining committee has been a positive collaboration which has helped to further facilitate integration of wellness programming.”   

 - Marlene Janco (Highmark BCBS)


“This is just to let you know how much I value the enthusiasm and continuity provided by Wellness Solutions at Work personnel.  Over the years many of us have learned to appreciate Kelly and Aubrey’s dedication, professionalism as well as energy, which makes the services provided to Westinghouse truly unique.  I trust that Wellness Solutions at Work will continue to make a difference in Westinghouse’s employees’ health in the future.”  Mike Wilson (Treasury Director – WEC)


“Thanks for your leadership in driving this event (AHA Start! Walking Program).”   Rick Etling (Vice President Strategy - WEC)


“I just wanted to let you know that 442 employees have registered so far for Bands on the Run from the locations where you held presentations last weekThank you for partnering with us on this project.  Your support and efforts made a significant difference to the success of this wellness initiative.”  -Karen McGlade (Senior Human Resources Consultant - WEC)

  “I wanted to take just a few minutes to thank you for the efforts that Wellness at Work provided for our Wellness Fair yesterday.  You and your team made this a very successful event for our employees and our vendors, as well.  I would like to especially recognize Briana Whisner as she coordinated the entire event, working with our vendors, security and facilities to make the day run very smoothly.  And, she added the extra special touch of Steely McBeam.  And, having all of the WSW staff available during the day of the fair contributed to the ease with which the event was carried out.  We have had very positive comments from our vendors about how well organized the event was and comments that it was the largest fair they had ever seen. Perhaps most important, I've had numerous employees tell me how much they enjoyed the event and thanking us for the effort to bring it all together and demonstrate the Company's commitment to wellness. We could not have done this without your efforts, and this is simply recognition of the effort and creativity that you displayed in supporting the plans for this event.”   

“Congratulations!  And keep up the good work.  I believe it is the small steps that we take each and every day that are changing the culture at the Energy Center and helping our employees to understand that we really do care about their health.  You are a big part of keeping that message coming.”  -Cheryl Melinchak (Manager, Health & Welfare Plans - WEC)


"Aubrey Worek is the co-founder and President of Wellness Solutions at Work, and also a friend with integrity, ethics, compassion and care for her fellow human beings.  She has done a phenomenal job to hire trainers who, like herself, are experts in fitness, possess an understanding of different physical needs from person to person, and really motivate you to establish a healthy lifestyle, at your pace of comfort.   What separates Wellness Solutions from their competitors? It is their staff who really cares about meeting the needs of their patrons, no matter what it takes to achieve it."  -Georgette Diab (Westinghouse Employee)


“I want to sincerely say that I think your organization and you two individually are a tremendous asset to Westinghouse.  As a many year member of the fitness center at Westinghouse I have had the opportunity to watch a number of individuals and organizations run our programs.  Without a doubt, your team has very positively grown and developed the programs, setting a new standard.  You have successfully leveraged the new Cranberry facilities to capture, encourage, and educate both the new generation of Westinghouse employees and us “old school” Westinghouse veterans.  The enthusiasm of you as individuals and your team members is infectious and has had a positive impact on the Westinghouse employees.  My observation is that we are getting healthier as an organization and your team’s enthusiasm positively reinforces the company’s responsible health initiatives.  I see new faces in the fitness center and in the classes every week.  This is a testament to your programs and your communication of them to the Westinghouse employees.”-Kerry Hanahan


“Aubrey Worek is the co-founder and President of Wellness Solutions, and also a friend with integrity, ethics, compassion and care for her fellow human beings. 

She has done a phenomenal job to hire trainers who, like herself, are experts in fitness, possess an understanding of different physical needs from person to person, and really motivates you to establish a healthy lifestyle, at your pace of comfort. 

What separates Wellness Solutions from their competitors? It is their staff.  They really care about meeting the needs of their patrons, no matter what it takes to achieve it.”


Dear WSW,

Thanks for organizing corporate teams for the Race to Anyplace.  I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the LLS, and I'm always excited to see Westinghouse involvement! 

Every 10 minutes, someone dies from blood cancer.  Since 1949, LLS has invested more than $600 million in leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma research, which has lead to key advances in understanding these cancers and prolonging lives.  Your participation in this event is central to those efforts… you are saving lives!  On behalf of myself and the board, THANK YOU for your generosity and support of the very important mission of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! 


Aubrey and Kelly:

Thank you both, and Wellness Solutions at Work, for managing such a fantastic Health and Wellness Fair for us today.  So many employees stopped me to tell me what a great day it was.  You did an amazing job. Thank you!


“Lindsey has been so nice, warm, helpful, and just overall great to see and hear from everyday since she started. You guys are all really good but she goes the extra mile with everyone. The funny part about it is that I'm almost positive she is being genuine and it isn't forced like 99% of workplace kindness.”


“Briana is the person who took me through my first workout and tailored it to my medical needs (balance and coordination). This girl spent time with me to make sure I knew how to do each exercise, discussing with me what I wanted, and then tailoring a workout program for me. During the time she was with me, she was undistracted by other members and activities going on all around us. She remained focused on working up a routine for me and made me feel like my well-being really mattered to her. After that, any time I had a question or forgot how to do an exercise, she never made me feel like I was interrupting her. She always answered with a bright smile and helpful information. When I first came down to the center, I was self-conscious about my weight and my age. After talking to Briana about it, I felt much more at ease. She's a gem!”


“Stacey has been a real inspiration for me.  She comes to New Stanton every Tuesday, and Thursday with an up-beat and positive attitude.

She is a fantastic instructor, and a real inspiration.  Stacey is also willing to go above and beyond her 1 hour training.  For example she is always willing to stay after exercise class to answer people’s questions.  Stacey also initiates other events such as biggest loser, pound for pound challenge, lunch and learns, talk to trainer days, prediction race, and many more.  I really believe Stacey deserves special recognition so she realizes me, and many of my co-workers very much respect, and appreciate all her hard work.”


“Becki gives great chair massages; she seems to have the perfect touch for just the right amount of pressure to use. She also has a great attitude and is always very pleasant. I always feel better after a session with her; it's a perfect way to break up a day or to relieve some tension. She has been an excellent addition to the fitness center staff.”



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for my fitness evaluation today. It felt good to exercise regardless of my lack of current fitness ability and it also felt good to know there are people such as you in the fitness center willing to help me meet my goals. I look forward to seeing you in class sometime. I've checked out the schedule and I do think I'll be taking some Spinning and Zumba in the near future.



Thanks for coming to jazz up our group meeting today! I had fun - I hope you did!

By reminding people to keep their minds open, I think you did a really great job with those who might have doubted the usefulness of the stretches. I was surprised how willingly everyone participated - with this crew, which is a tribute to you. Thanks again, and see you soon!


I would like to take this opportunity to extend to each of you my appreciation for all of the effort you put into trying to help people improve their lives.  You all seem like an endless fountain of positive reinforcement to me.  I know it may get hard or discouraging some days to keep up your optimistic, positive attitude; but please know that you are making a difference for me.  And I cannot be the only person on whom your hard work has had an impact.  I feel so strong right now.  I don't think I would be keeping up the hard work as much if you all weren't so nice.  You are always looking toward the next challenge for your members.  That is what I most look forward to.  Please, keep up the great work!


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